Asked to leave, for "looking" too professional?

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Re: Asked to leave, for "looking" too professional?

Wow that sounds rough. I guess we are kind of lucky here in Canada; I have taken pictures of our parliament building outside and the inside several times. Not with a tripod I will admit, but I have seen some people use their tripods on the outside no problem (inside is too crowed for a tripod though). Security toughly inspected my gear and bag but that was the same for everyone.

My understanding of the rules here (except Quebec, they are a bit more strict) are that you can take pictures in public areas so long as you are not invading a person's privacy or causing obstruction that puts people in harm (tripod on a busy sidewalk causing them to walk into the street). If it is privately owned land you can take pictures unless they ask you not to. National parks are free to take pictures in any time (I have done that a lot too). Again so long as you are not intruding on someone's right to privacy you are welcome to take a picture.

I cannot say I've ever been asked to leave an area public or private. Mind you parents are very nervous of their children having their picture taken and you cannot publish an image of a minor without consent. But usually if you talk to the parent first things are ok.

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