That's why D4 have a XQD slot

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Jon Rty Veteran Member • Posts: 3,838
Re: That's why D4 have a XQD slot

The reads to camera were from a external reader if I'm not mistaken, which means that reader performance affects speeds as much as card performance.

Daniel Bliss wrote:

It's interesting that the XQD beats 90 megabytes a second in-camera but only goes on up to 116 megabytes for the transfer to computer, while the UDMA 7 CF card only makes it to 60 megabytes a second in camera but close to 130 megabytes a second in the card reader.

If this accurately reflects the state of technology at the moment, as opposed to Nikon simply not handling in-camera writes on CF cards properly, it casts new insight on why Nikon would have chosen these card combinations; the XQD in the D4 for the fastest possible video performance and capture rates, with UDMA7 CF cards from the D800 helping people transfer huge amounts of 75MB files to their computer far faster than any SD or even XQD card is currently capable of.

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