I canceled my 1D-X pre-order on 5D III Specs

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Re: I canceled my 1D-X pre-order on 5D III Specs

Yes, Canon is killing the innovative 1DX with 5D3. It is just like D700 is killing D3/D3s sales.

5D3 is mini 1DX. D700 proves to be too good to influence the sales of D3/D3s. Nikon learnt the lesson. Therefore, Nikon do not produce a mini D4. Instead, they make it very clear that D800 and D4 are very distant products.

5D3 may win by scarifying the sales of 1DX. But both D4 and D800 is complement of each other, while 5D3 and 1DX is competitor. Peoples owned 5D3 does not need the 1DX. But people owned a D800 may want another D4, if $$$ is enough, for low light and speed. People owned a D4 may want another D800 for large print. They are good partner.

To be honest IMO the path of 1DX + 5D3 will follow the footstep of D700 + D3. It is dangerous to see Canon adopt this route.

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