A65 + Tamron 18-270mm?

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Re: A65 + Tamron 18-270mm?

v11f wrote:

Hi romicva,

But ... I read that the Tamron goes soft at the long end ? Will I notice this ? I am definately nowhere close to being at top level, just want to have fun and take good pics, finding low-light perf not good and long end never in focus of the FZ ...

I've been using one since they were first released for a one lens solution in my much bigger kit of other choices. It's been sharp at the long end for me, a user of the lens.

Nothing you can buy in a lens will do it all. Interchangeable lens cameras are intended to give you the option of having a system of multiple lenses for different photographic uses rather than the single fixed lens of bridge cameras that had to do it all. The "compromise" with the 18-270 is it's widest aperture not being all that wide. But in this day of huge ISO ranges and even excellent flashes that's not much of a handicap. I use the 18-270 in pretty low outdoor lights and get very good photos. Modern wide ranging zooms are much better than those quoting old information about older wide ranging zooms would imply.

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