E-M5, or Leica D 14-150?

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Advice from someone with too much equipment

jtin wrote:

The debut of the first u43 camera to pique my interest poses a new question: for the same price, I could buy an E-M5, or I could mount the (in?)famous Leica D 14-150 on my beloved E-410. Which shall it be?? : )

I have a ridiculous amount of gear (cameras from multiple brands, too many lenses to mention, flashes, studio strobes, etc., etc., etc.). Yes, I make money using my equipment but I also have to admit to buying quite a lot of gear based on "want" rather than "need."

Here is my two cents after decades of buying camera gear:

A camera is a camera ... by that, I mean it's the box that records the image that comes through the lens. Yes, there can be a MASSIVE difference between the way that one box records an image compared to another box, and there are differences in AF, ISO performance, burst speed, etc., but usually one camera records an image in much the same way as another.

Lens, on the other hand, often have an even larger impact to the way an image is captured. If you are indeed happy with your "beloved E-410" and want the range of the 14-150mm Leica , then get the Leica lens.

If you buy the E-M5 I'm sure it's a nice camera but after the camera lust dies down you may find yourself right back where you were ... looking for the ideal lens that covers the 14-150mm range for the E-M5.

Whether I'm shooting with my old E-1 or my E-P3, the biggest reason I shoot with one camera or the other is the lenses. There are other factors, sure, but lenses usually dictate my camera choice.

Bottom line: Which is more important to YOU ... covering 14-150mm with one lens or replacing your current camera body (and possibly needing additional adapters/lenses depending on what you currently own)?

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