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Re: Canon 5D MK III - DOA

Looking at photography and forgetting about the ongoing "tech-number porno debate" that has conquered these forums, one should remember 22mpx will give VERY MUCH and often TOO MUCH RESOLUTION for 99% of the shots. That is a fact. The New Nikon "Ship-with-the-Flag" is just 16.2 mpx... wonder why? It can do a magazine spread...?

If the "5DIII MK2-S" (or whatever the name is) does:

  • Close to D4 high ISO at detailed 22mpx (not blurred cr@p)

  • Crosstype AF around the frame at all critical (read: classic composition) spots

  • Reliable AF with good acquisition and speed

  • Real 5-6 FPS shooting (? A video of your body shooting in real life?? 6 FPS is fast)

  • Some other stuff right in the body that could be done in Post

  • Has still improved on the video-department

Then I can say, that the 5DIII MKIIIs whatever the name is, is going to be a really formidable product to compete against. It is a calculated optimisation of what can be done with todays technology and what the customer scene is ready pay for. Stop whining about a small price increase - the new 5D is FAR BETTER than the previous version and the price is a match to what the market is ready to accept.

Comparing price against megapixels is a sign of plain consumer stupidity. It is like buying cars by the horsepower or even better, buying cars by euros per ton... (which would make american cars really attactive...).

With the D800, I personally believe there is going to be:

  • Lot´s of people really happy seeing their tripod mirror lock optimised aperture perfect exposure on a brilliant lens - shots to have orgasmatically high detail & dynamics. We are going to see some really incredible stuff

  • Lot´s people putting out crazy good images using good skill. How I see it, 36mpx is not resolution limiting as to what one want´s to do with a 35mm format camera.

  • Lot´s of people with these orgasmatically high resolution images having no place or no way to use them.

  • Lot´s of people ending up fighting with large & sexually large files... and still the screens for looking at them are typically 1920x1080 and print demands are in the 4-10mpx category.

  • Lot´s of people popping up complaining that the 36mpx body is not making wonders to their photography, the corners are dark+soft, the focus is not right, the this and that is wrong.

Personally I can´t find my customers paying a single euro ($2.80) for me making images that are 36mpx rather than 12-16mpx. That is a fact of life working with companies in the construction, ski-center, car-retailing, mobile-phones, travel and boat - industries. For me large ad-companies like Imageneering and Ideaalia are both saying "we don´t give a XXXX about the megapixels, it is all about the feeling". This reflects what is happening today; nobody actually gives a mushroom about whether the images is 16 or 36 megapixels as long as the base resolution is enough for the usual stuff.

That usual stuff is far below 36 mpx.

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