Raw resolution question D800/E

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Re: Raw resolution question D800/E

The reason why I am looking for a s/raw format is that I do occasionally cover for a friend when he goes away who's got a real estate photography service where the images are only ever used on the web at maybe max 800-1000px but I do use a fair amount of HDR to achieve a "real" looking hdr effect and to be able to correct white balance in PP.

This is VERY simple real estate photography but that does not mean I want to hand out bad images I still want to have correct perspective, correct color and so forth I do need to use raw for fast and good looking image but without the high res.

Of course is the crop frame counter-productive for me since its interior images and I sometimes have to use the maximum of the wide angle that I am using on my full frame.

The tools that I can use for correction, white balance, lens correction highlight/shadow detail retrieving is not there for the jpg file or the crop frame for above reason.

I am sure that several people can understand my issue here and there might be several people that have similar needs to mine.

If I need to process 4 real estates of say 20 images each (delivered) I can at worst scenario have 60 images times 4 estates and I need to process this fast but automatically (no eyes basically) for and then output to 800x800 px images, you can then understand why I would like to use the camera at this settings.

BUT this is not what I do for a living my main area is commercial and editorial photography where i NEED the full res of my camera and I use it to its full extent.
But I would like a camera that can do both for me.

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