For those that got burned with X10, get Nikon P300/P310

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Re: For those that got burned with X10, get Nikon P300/P310

At first I thought sensor size will be a problem. But believe me. It is not a problem at all. The noise is not that much different from other PnS such as S95/LX5. The sensor size differences is not that big actually.

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

gogo2 wrote:

From the link, P300 is the winner overall. The camera is fast. The exposure is great. ISO also very good at 200. I'm not sure if you read the whole review.

I did read it and look at the images.

Right now the P300 is a bit of a bargain no question and it looks pretty decent overall bang per buck.

But it's missing a few things I think take away from the appeal ala no raw (or NR on jpeg options) and it has a sensor that is smaller than other rivals. I could live with that more with the P300 as it's cheap, but not the P310 as it's £300 odd.

Nikon need to work out that folks want raw it's quite simple to do that really

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