Panasonic 14-42 X on E-PL1 (Good Copy)

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x14-42 design flaw

i have tested 3 copies (and a 4th one too in front of a store) all of them were duds, not only at 42mm but they also had softness issues at 14mm and at all focal lenghts in between. if 4 from 4 were duds, how can there also be good ones? i cannot try 10 or 20 of them to finally find only one that might be acceptable.

i compared the x14-42 to my 20mm pancake, to the m.zuiko14-42, to my 14-140 and even to the normal 14-42 that i got from a friend, and all of those were better than any of the x14-42. i was rather surprised that even my 14-140 that i usually won't regard as a very sharp lens smoked the x14-42.

i prepared a long test unfortunately it is in german, but you can try with google translate. there are lots of example crops and full-size images for download. have a look at the comparison between the x14-42 and 14-140 because this one really shows how bad the x14-42 is. even the normal 14-42 was sharper except at 42mm if i got a sharp image, but most of the time 42mm was unusable.

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