Canon 5D MK III - DOA

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Re: Canon 5D MK III - WOA

Canadianguy wrote:

Guess it depends on what kind of sport but at 6fps and 18 raw buffer - that's a 3 second buffer - should be fine for most sports.

But its a big premium to move up to the 1Dx for the faster fps and bigger buffer.

I also think 18 is okay, but not the 7 RAW+jpeg. The serious sports guys will propably pay up for 1Dx, and even the newspapers guys that occasisionally shots important sports.

PerL wrote:

Canadianguy wrote:

I agree - looks like a winner to me - if I was shooting Canon - I would get a 5D MKIII - just the right amount of pixels - improved sensor for DR and high ISO - great AF system.

What I don't understand is the market position of this camera - who would want to buy a 1Dx at double the price?

The buffer looks a little small if you want to use it for sports. 18 RAWs is maybe ok, but 7 RAW + jpegs?

The 1Dx hasn't even been release yet and the 5D MKIII looks like it has 80%-90% of its capabilities at half the price...

I guess they are copying Nikon on the D3 and D700 marketing strategy but forgot to wait on the second release?

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