Canon have got it right with 5d3... from ex-Canon user

Started Mar 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
pekr Contributing Member • Posts: 613
OK, wait for the 6D

Kind of disappointed, especially about the price, and also about the misconfiguration of the system. What I want is:

  • FF

  • 5D3 AF and metering

  • Pop-up flash

  • swivel LCD for someones sake - this is a video camera too!

  • proximity sensor from Rebel line

  • don't add any other rudiculous buttons anymore - Print (noone uses) and Rate are really enough

  • not crippled high ISO - they crippled it only to not hurt 1Dx, otherwise there would be no 1 stop difference

  • 2500 $ at max

Then I might move to the FF. 3500 $ for the body - just insane ...

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