Who is in for $3500

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Re: Who is in for $3500

The feature set and pricing of the 5D Mk III compared to the D800 is certainly disappointing but it will be a close run sales race between the two in the market due to the installed base on Canon shooters who would be reluctant to switch systems due to their investment in glass. Why Canon would price the camera at such a premium over the competition and and even increase the price in a challenging economic enviroment is a mystery to me. The difference in cost allows funds to be used for the purchase of a decent lens which will make it easier for Canon shooters to switch systems which is exactly what they wouldn't want to see happening when a camera like the D800 is the opposition. It seems they have miscalculated the market I would have priced the camera at 20% less then the D800 to encourage upgrades and avoid tempting people to make the switch.

What's even more worrying for me is how Canon have let a 5 year lead in sensor and DSLR technology evaporate in just a couple of years but not investing in new development and anywhere near the pace of their competitors.

At least we have a 1Dx ....

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