X 100 or Zeiss 24mm?

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Re: X 100 or Zeiss 24mm?

I agree the X100 wins on fun, OVF, Size and price. Would probably always get a new x100 just in case Sticky aperture blades strike. The build quality of the x100 is about the same as the NEX 7 body, but some of the NEX lenses are cheap feeling (so on balance I agree). I think the high ISO noise performance of the 7 is about the same or 1-2% worse max (and a non issue if you shoot RAW). Not sure I agree on the jpeg engine - I just think they each have a "look". Definitely disagree on the optical quality of the lens - they are both quite sharp but the 24 is sharper. The lens on the x100 does seem to suffer more from distortion. On stealth the x100 wins on shutter sound but the NEX is better for street photography because you can fold out the screen and take pictures while apparently playing with settings. The NEX wins on controlability for me (the dials and quick button are very, well, quick). Both have their own variety of awful menu systems (not a high point of each camera).

At the end of the day I like them both. I am still toying with what to do if I like the xpro1 (should I sell both NEX and x100 at that point etc).

cptrios wrote:

I also have an X100 and a 7 (though I haven't used the 7 much and actually was at the point of selling it before the buyer backed out - now I'm pondering it). To me, the X100 is the perfect camera. It's just a joy to use, and a big part of me doesn't even want anything else. Until, that is, I realize that I will someday need different focal lengths! All in all, I would strongly recommend buying an X100 over the 24. Having two cameras (that together equal the size of one SLR) is fantastic.

Here's where the X100 wins:
• Fun
• Viewfinder (the EVF in the Sony is better but the OVF in the Fuji is awesome)
• JPEG engine by a billion miles, if that's your bag
• General optical quality of the lens
• Build quality
• Size, when taking a lens into acount
• Stealth
• Price if you buy a used X100 (well I guess that depends on where you live)
• High ISO performance - though the 7 is just as good if you downsize it.

Where the 7 with 24mm wins:
• f/1.8 vs f/2
• AF speed by quite a bit

• Overall resolution (obviously) and therefore enlargeability/cropability. If you need more than 12mp, the X100 is not for you.
• Operational speed
• Manual focus

One interesting thing I've noticed between my X100 and samples I've seen of the 7 with the 24 has to do with landscape shooting: the X100's lens does indeed have some slight field curvature that affects the outer 10% or so of the frame until you stop down to f/8. The NEX 24 seems to have the same problem, but substantially worse. However, with the X100, I've found that when the camera AFs to infinity, it actually is hitting the hyperfocal distance and not going all the way to real infinity. If you manually adjust (a pain on the X100) the focus closer to infinity (at the expense, obviously, of close subjects), the field curvature problem pretty much goes away. Whether or not this same practice can fix the 24/1.8's border softness at infinity remains to be seen...but if it can't, then the 24's utility as a landscape lens is seriously diminished. It is, however, an awesome lens for closer subjects (portraits and the like).

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