Canon have got it right with 5d3... from ex-Canon user

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Canon have got it right with 5d3... from ex-Canon user

Hi All

I had been using Canon digital for years but changed to Nikon system because MY requirements for photography were mainly for low light/no flash and needed good iso and also fast and better AF - I have problem with my eyes and really rely on camera. The 5d2 did not offer the benefits of Nikon D700 except high res and video.

However with this new 5d3 claiming better AF and initial report of 2 stops better iso capability this is the ideal camera. 22 MP is more than enough and for many means existing storage facilities/workflow etc will remain the same but you will overall get a much better camera - apart from some niggles, the 5d2 is still top rate SLR.

With the Nikon D800, a fine camera I am sure, but at 36MP people just keep talking about that iso is as good as D700 when downsampled. I much rather have a 22mp than gives me better iso than having to downsample to lower MP!

Whatever digital workflow we use, digital image post-production takes time - my MacPro system will handle the RAw 12MP files I am using... not sure about 36 though. I always keep the original RAW images after conversion to jpg but don't like the idea of having to cater for x3 more storage and having to possibly spend more money on faster processor - Macs are not cheap!

I think you Canon guys have it good with the new 5d - certainly if this camera was available 2 years ago I would not have changed - just loved my Canon 70-200 F4is lens and Nikon have no equivalent which is a shame.

If Nikon had a 22mp D800, with even the same iso performance of the D700 without downsampling to get it, I would have been in line for one.

Wonder how many potential buyers of Canon 1dx might now opt for 5d3.


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