5D III, no Picture Style Support??!!

Started Mar 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
pekr Contributing Member • Posts: 629
Re: 5D III, no Picture Style Support??!!

Gee, Canon interface continues to be awful. Going from 450D to the 60D, I already hated the Q and Info button combination. I would like to see the idiot, who invented that. Those buttons are redundant, and confusing at best. And also - silent mode, where you still can hear the shutter? That "multicontroller" small thingy - what's that? The dial is not enough? And last but not least - one stop worse high iso than 1Dx, imo an intentional decision, to not canibalise 1Dx - that's pretty much stupid at best for the camera, which is supposed to be the top model in its range, after 3 years of development. Electronic level, print button, rate button, I wonder what nonsense comes Canon comes with next time.

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