Moon Maid's sensor comparison (PART 2)

Started Mar 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,390
D800E for me

TOF guy wrote:

The closer we look at this camera, the more impressive it becomes - just as with its images.

So, which one are you getting? D800? D800E, D4? or may be a combination?

I already have an arm-load of bodies with AA filters, and my applications are not high-risk for moire' so I'm going for the D800E. That will be a personal-use camera, not a business-use camera.

On the business side, my D3s bodies are getting old and tired. No. 2 needs to go for a rebuild, and I plan to buy either a D4 or a 1D-X to replace my D3 backup and give the D3s bodies a rest. The primary reason why I'm considering the 1D-X, is simply because of Nikon USA's poor play in customer support. These cameras are used heavily, and it's certain that they will need service every 1-2 years. If I cannot have local technicians do the service (there are no Nikon Authorized service centers in Washington state), then the Nikon becomes an unacceptable choice.

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