who's dumping their 5Dmark2 for the D800?

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Re: I have no desire for 38mp

It's actually 36 mp, but who's counting. :-). Nikon has had a 24 mp camera for about 3 years now. And no one is forcing D700 owners to buy the D800. The D800 is not necessarily about 36 mp all the time. It has 20 and 9 mp JPEG options. It has 1.2x crop, it has 5:4 crop, it had 1.5x crop as shooting options in RAW and JPEG. I'm sure ex and current medium format shooters might like a faster, more sensitive 20mp 5:4 format DSLR. The D800 is about options. Compressed or uncompressed video? Snap shots? JPEG small; 9mp. Casual shooting? 20 mp. Ultra resolution and IQ? 14 bit uncompressed lossless RAW. Whatever you feel like, it can do. Nikon shooters are giddy. Partly because of the mp count, partly because there hasn't Brennan affordable option... with so many options.

I might add that the D2x -> D3 netted the same resolution. Of course there were other factors that made the succession such a dramatic one. The transition from 21 to 22mp may not be attention getting but there will probably be a lot of small changes that add to a significantly improved camera.

Ghozer wrote:

I understand why some people would want or need 38mp but I, for one, have zero use for it. I'm fine with 22. That being said, I really think Nikon blew it by going from 12 to 38. That seems to be such an extreme jump and requires, in order to get maximum use of the sensor, lenses like the 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200. That's a massive cost to someone that shoots a 12mp D700 without those lenses and wants/needs a mp upgrade from 12.

One could argue that there would be a better increase in image quality for these same D700 owners buying better glass before more MPs. Nikon's new primes, and 2.8&4 zooms will have no problem with 36mp.

Their choice is basically the D7000, a consumer grade camera (granted it has really good IQ).

Regardless, I wonder why Nikon didn't just do something in the 20+ megapixel range. These camera manufacturers, including Canon, for all the bluster they make about listening to consumers, sure seem to ignore what I think the mainstream consumer really wants and when they want it.

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