Leica M8 with one prime (2nd hand) OR (new) OM-D with 3 primes

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Re: Use Leica lenses on OMD E-M5

Peter Nelson wrote:

It was pointed out more than once so far in this thread that using Leica lenses on a m4/3 camera is a good idea. The Leica lenses are small and have really excellent sharpness and provide a look which is on account of the way the lenses handle the light. I am temporarily at a loss for the technical term as I am suffering with a lot of neck and head pain at the moment. So I am having trouble with my memory.

I have 9 lenses in M and M39 mount and use them all on my E-P1 and G1. My favorite is of course an older Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux first version made in 1959. At an equivalent FL of 100mm this for me is a very good portriat lens. The lens native f/1.4 aperture lets in a lot of light onto the sensor allowing me to keep the ISO down as does the Olympus I.B.I.S., best of all this lens is really sharp wide open and again it has a characteristic that allows all the light in an image to look "airy", and the bokeh is very good too.

If only more people would purchase themselves some second hand Leica lenses and use them on their PEN cameras it would be evident that this setup is world class. I have a nice Leica Summitar f/2 Collapsable M39 screw mount lens that can remain on my E-P1 while it's in my pants pocket. I paid $349 several years ago at KEH.com and I recomend this small collapsable lens very highly. My Leica M39 35mm f/3.5 Summitar lens is about the size of a walnut, meaning it's really small. This makes a good walk around lens as well being 70mm equivalent FL. Fot around $49 you can purchase Russain Made copies of the Leica 50mm f/3.5 Elmar and these are also good lenses that have a different look. Some are uncoated being made before WWII, ohers have a blue coating being newer. I actuall like the uncoated lens for it's image rendering and look. Sort of the old time look. Why not as it's an old time lens. There are many Voightlander lenses to be had at inexpensive prices and these also wotk well on m4/3 bodies. For the best IQ get an older Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux first version. I paid $849 for mine back in 2006, but they are still available for under $1,000. That's a substantal savings over the newer versions.

Despite lacking IBIS, I suspect the Fujifilm X's sensor may do a better job on such lenses. And since the Fuji primes will cost only $600 each, if they're as good as other glass from Fuji, perhaps the value of such older glass may not keep going up!!

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