Fuji Finepix S6500FD to buy or not to buy?

Started Feb 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
rocklobster Senior Member • Posts: 1,408
Still have mine and bought into M4/3

Takes great shots with one caveat - in bright light must shoot RAW to get best results. Otherwise, shots will look too contrasty where what you want to see gets cast into the shadows or washed out.

On the plus side, it has excellent metering and white balance so shots will be consistently well exposed (except in the above situation) and with natural colours. The flash is also excellent except that you will struggle to focus - auto or manual - in poor light. The manual focus, although on the lens where is should be, is 'by wire' meaning that it is electronically controlled and is laggy and innacurate - just dont use it and you will be happy.

The lens is generally a good one except at full zoom where images can be a bit soft (not unusual for zooms) and at full wide where purple fringing is noticable on bright edges.

If you need a long zoom and SLR 'feel' at that price you can't go wrong however, I just wonder what price you could pick up a Canon 10D or 20D for these days? I had used both of these when I bought the S6500 and the image quality (of the Canon) was superior but then you would have to fork-out for a big zoom which wouldn't be too compact. BTW that's why I changed to M4/3.

For RAW processing I use the free download S7RAW - don't bother with the Fuji supplied RAW converter as you will end up with results similar to the JPEG that comes out of the camera and it is slow.

The Super-CCD was touted as the low-noise king in its day but seriously is beaten by the better 10Mp 'back-lit' CCDs from Canon (see S95/S100/G12 reviews) athough most other manufacturers still struggle even with backlit CCDs because they end up in the 14 to 16Mp range and overprocess.

Any other tips I can give you please dont hesitate to ask.


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