Indoor Lowlight sports problems

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Re: Indoor Lowlight sports problems

I have the focusing set to single point to take advantage of the center cross-type, which goes with what you said about learning to shoot tighter, although when shooting two players passing you end up shootin at clean ice in between them, and not enough time to lock focus (i'm sure there is a quick way to do that, have to read the manual more closely)
9-point CMOS sensor
• F5.6 cross-type at center, extra sensitivity at F2.8
• AF working range: -0.5 to 18 EV (at 23°C, ISO 100)
• Predictive AF up to 8m

I did check out "Michaels" post and his website, he'll defintely be hearing form me, & I defintely will try shooting at 6400 ISO to get a faster shutter speed and hopefully a stop or 2 of depth of field.

I also looked at a few of your posts, have to get back in there and see what I can glean from them.

Today I saw a shot from a Bruins/Senators game in the Phila. Inquirer from API photog Elise Amendola, have to see if I can contact her for some advice

Have the 2.8 lens, now the T3i is nice and reasonable in price, the 7D has additional Cross-type focusing sensors & 2 DIGIC 4 processing chips, but is twice the price with an APC crop sensor.

Question: Ballpark, how much extra light does a full size sensor take in compared to APC? Any? 10%, 20%, more?

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