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Re: The Total Number Of Purchasers Who See This Forum Are

Americans buy refurbished as well.

However, for some reason there seem to be fewer refurbished X10s on sale.

Maybe dealers work harder to keep the price pushed up. Or maybe they have a different return deal with Fuji.

Fotonut wrote:

GaryJP wrote:

jimr wrote:

Probably a small fraction of potential owners. This is a small group and even here the percentage of those who return the X 10 is apparently not large..

In total how many on this forum have returned the X10? ???

Quite a few, judging by earlier threads that have asked this specific question.

Yes and all send to Europe for the suckers there to buy this 2000 shot used cam.

Just reverse the situation, Europe is the first nation get new cams.
Would you in the US be willing to buy a 2000+ shot used Europe cam?

I really wonder if you would, because in the EU apparently we do.
Now who's a dumbass.

Yea, dumbass europeans.

Snap snap - click click.

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