Moon Maid's sensor comparison (PART 2)

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Re: D300s base ISO

Marianne Oelund wrote:

cluna wrote:

Would you mind including a Lo 1 to compare with true base ISO and simulated? Ive seen better output (IE shadow and sky noise reduced) on the D300s when using Lo1.

In the case of the D300/D300s, there is a slight advantage to going below ISO 100, as the true base is at L0.3.

of course you meant going below ISO 200, as the true base is closer to L0.3 (ISO 160)

and I looked at this more than was healthy getting multiple camera samples sent to me at ISO200 and (L1.0) ISO100

there was some variation in the gain from ISO 200 to L 1.0 as well as in the measured read noise from the optical black pixels

it appeared there was some variation in the base ISO, which i assumed was why Nikon selected ISO200 as the specified lowest level

However, L1.0 is no better than L0.3.

For the D7000 and likely for the D800 as well, true base ISO is 100, so one will not see the advantage at L1.0 which you are seeing with the D300/s.

The D300(s) seems to be the only camera that behaves this way, but it would still be nice to see the data for D800 at ISO 50....

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