Torn between 70-200 VRI and 70-200 VRII

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VR11 for My Money

I guess I'm too late now as the OP has made his decision. BUT. I had a VR1 for a couple of years shooting on D200, D300 and eventually D3s. It was a great lens and I loved the thousands of sport photos it produced. I then upgraded to the VR11 and was stunned with the extra sharpness and detail, even on the D300. With the VR11 on the D3s, it was no contest.

Summary, the VR1 was a great lens and still is. But in my experience the VR11 was a significant step forward which I do not regret for one second. If there is any chance at all you will be going the FX route, definitely stump up the extra dosh for the VR11. Even more so now that Nikon has gone the high megapixel route.

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