G1 and GH2 pushed three stops.

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Re: For Amin????????????

Adventsam wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

Reload your original examples in lr4, zero advantage to K-5 any more,

My gut feeling tells me that this must be wrong.

Well its not!

No offence, but just because you think its right, doesn't actually make it so

Why would an improvement in LR4 ONLY affect the GH2 and not the K5 ??

Don't know, don't care, gh2 now superior to most if not all aps-c imo.

Whoa ... sounds like blinded fanboy talk there. I think you've just discredited any credibility you might have had!!

One should care as to why, because understanding why will help work out if its actually right or not!

Personally, I'd LOVE it to be correct. But nobody has given me any solid reason to believe why it should be true.

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