qflash vs einstein picture request

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Re: qflash vs einstein picture request

I have the older Quantum T2 which I believe is a little bigger then your model. I also have a couple E640's. I could take a picture of them together to give you an idea of size comparisons tonight then post.

The minimun flash duration for the E640 is 1/588 at t.1 and 1/2000 at t.5 at 640w-s. PB usually only gives t.1 readings but threw in the t.5 for comparison purposes. My T2 manual states flash durations in t.5, I don't know if the new model's specifications have changed to t.1

When set to 1/2 at 320 w-s the duration goes down to 1/1500 in color mode or 1/2000 in action mode(t.1). I shoot at 1/16(40 w-s) when taking hummingbirds in flight. This gives me 1/10000 flash duration. This again is in t.1

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