D3100 samples good but not that good.

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Re: STILL - Good News for D3100

nfpotter wrote:

cman548 wrote:

I use a D90 at work and a D3100 at home, and the 3100 is far easier to change most settings, I don't know what that guy was talking about up there.

Yes the D90 has more flexibility and the custom menu. But on the 3100 you just hit the "i" button and move the d-pad to whatever you want to change: iso, WB, image size, flash type, etc etc. I do wish it did wireless flash. I just got a flash with a light tirgger built in, so I can do off-camera flash. Just have to dial in the power manually.

You're HIGH, and why are we talking about a year and a half old thread that was useless to start with?

Perhaps you'd be better off with a P&S.

A reasonable response.

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