Nikon vs. Canon: How the tables have turned!

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quadrox wrote:

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

The unlabeled crops I've posted proved it in regard to the 5D2/7D at lower ISOs since not one single FF or 5D2 fan could tell me which came from which.

Could you please provide a link to that thread/post? I own both cameras and I believe I can see the difference, I would love to take a look at your unlabeled pictures to see if I'm simply biased or if I will be unable to determine a difference.

I posted these samples in a comparison I did from Raw files. These are set to mimic what a 16x24 print looks like. What I found is that the differences in sharpening, contrast levels and paper choice produced more differences than any real difference out of the camera.

As well, Be Jacobsen did a comparison between the two for a landscape image. The differences produced by different lenses was more than any difference between the cameras. Even at 100% screen views, they are tiny. You can download his images here:

Here's the 5D2 and 7D comparison. It sure started some flame wars with some peopkle claiming it "can't be so."

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