Shooting Offroad Vehicles and Lights (4x4)

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Re: Shooting Offroad Vehicles and Lights (4x4)

I don't use PS (Lightroom only) and think HDR is overused, so I try to get it in-camera. The way I would approach that is to address the toughest part first, which is making the lights look good, then getting the truck right. The background shouldn't matter half as much as those things, so:

1. First expose for the lights. Get them the way you want them to look in you want them to look on your display.

2. Add fill flash. If you have more then one flash it's all the better because you can make the car look more 3 dimensional by lighting from 2 angles.

3. If you use 2 flashes, start with only one flash and find an angle, power level, and flash to subject distance that look really, then shut that flash off and set up the next one and test it (by itself) until you like the look of it.
4. Turn on all lights and shoot. Make minor adjustments as needed.

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