My D700 still works! Albeit poorly...

Started Feb 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
astralux Regular Member • Posts: 187
Re: Fantastic!

First, this is a gear forum, not a picture forum.

Says who, not DPR and your opinion certainly is not worth anything.

Secondly, anyone can take a "snap", a "shot", or a "photo". Most that are posted are simply nothing to be excited about. But try not to set a record for the highest shutter count and try to take a really good unique image. Those are few and far between on this forum where egos run high and everyone things they are taking great images. They aren't! I'm not interested in seeing your family snap shots.

Your opinion on what constitutes a good image is not called for or required, especially as you are a photographer wannabe who does not have a camera and cannot afford one. Get mom to change your nappy and then go and ask your cat to teach you good manners.

You are getting tiresome and you represent the reason why serious photographers no longer visit these forums.

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