2 new lenses arrived today, ugh, MF is tough on the beginner ;)

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2 new lenses arrived today, ugh, MF is tough on the beginner ;)

My 55/1.7 MF lens arrived today, along with a new 45-200. I played a bit with the old lens, and boy this has one hell of a learning curve !
The lens mounted without any issue, and I had hoped I could use it in

A mode. No dice, the camera won't recognize it whatsoever, do it's down to Manual everything... So I set the aperture ring on 1.7, chose appropriate (hopefully) values, and adjusted shutter accordingly. It's a little tough to determine proper exposure using the back screen (I don't have an external EVF and don't intend to buy one, but I'll likely get the EM-5 later) because since you don't avec any focus yet, everything is mushy and you have a hard time determining when you hit the optimum exposure ratio.

Once you're decently satisfied with exposure, you turn the focus ring to acquire focus. YES it is MUCH easier to do than with an AF lens. The metal ring is nice and has obvious feedback si you intuitively know where you are and what direction you need to go.

It's definitely fun, and VERY challenging when you start at it. Even with experience and skill I can never see myself using MF lenses as my bread and butter stuff. But it is immensely fun and the lens renders gorgeous images, the "film" look everybody talks about is real, images seem to have more "meat" and substance to them, not unlike my beloved PL 25/1.4 (though this one is AF). I'm rather confident I'll grab some nice moody portraits of my kit with this lens when she's STILL.
However, I might buy the Oly 45/1.8 very soon as my main portrait lens...

The 45-200 just got mounted for a few minutes indoor in bad and dim light, were the LCD screen refresh rate gives slow and weird feedback. However, the few test shots I made wide open showed VERY nice sharpness and color rendition, so I'm hopeful.
More on the manual lens tonight !!


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