X10 !!! I will probably return my (not so lovely) X10

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Wellington - check out DPRE DR tests.

Wellington100 wrote:

I got all fired up but then I had a look at the DXOmark results and I was really disappointed by the DR numbers.

Agree that is a surprise, but its not a huge difference.

Its hardly an improvement on the ancient Pen sensor and is beaten by the X10 before factoring in the DR mode, which gives the X10 two additional stops of DR.

..and before factoring in Canon's I-contrast which adds 2 stops of highlight retention.

I have no doubt the X10 will eat it for lunch in the DR department and this will show up as blocked shadows and blown highlights in GX images compared to X10 images, when used in high contrast light.

My take is that the X10 will have the edge with DR, but not an overwhelming advantage in everyday shooting especially when you have to lock the X10 in 6mp DR400 mode for virtually 'everything' or use the same system in full res as Canon - raising ISO.

The Canon auto DR in full resolution is very good at selecting only those scenes where it matters. Unless Fuji have improved the 'autoDR' with the X10, I found it very hit and miss.

DR is an area difficult to get reliable comparisons. Check the DR section of the latest DPRE review of NX200. You can select other cameras in the DR comparison. It includes S100 and G1X and gives you a feel for how the Canon I-contrast can expand pseudo DR just like EXR cams. Unfortunately the X10 is not up yet.
You might want to skip breakfast after seeing this.


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