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Re: Video of NEX-7 focus speed.

costinius wrote:
LTZ, I am with you on this.

A couple of months ago I posted my observations of the AF performance of my 5N where I was quite POSITIVE about it:

Since then, however, I've tried shooting some of the images you just posted as examples where the Nex AF would fail. I have to admit, you are right. I still love my 5N and am not going to ditch it, but the AF performance is very limiting is some situations.

Here's where it fails miserably. When the background is more contrasty than the foreground. For example, once I tried to take a portrait of my daughter who was sitting on a white chair against a dark wall. I used the centre focus and was focusing on her face. The result: the edge of the chair (with high contrast) was in focus, and my daughter was blurred. And the edge of the chair was not even in the centre of the frame (!).

Once you know these limitations, you know how to get the most out of the Nex AF. As I wrote in my aforelinked post, the Nex AF is OK. It works well when there's enough contrast. And it's not the speed that is the problem, it's the accuracy.

Anyway, I still do love my 5N, but I've just ordered LA-EA2.

LTZ470 wrote:

This is where the Nex-7 is going to struggle for me and I was hoping it would not...

I like to shoot at the Heard Museum Bird blind...gray birds on gray background...haven't tried it yet, but from what I see it will AF very slowly cycling and this will completely miss these shots, as they never stop...against the sky no problem I don't think to AF, against a similar colored backdrop it will be a slow go...

Know exactly what you mean by missed AF with Contrasty Backgrounds...of course this is all "user error"

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