Canon S100 or Fujifilm X10?

Started Feb 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
sankos Senior Member • Posts: 1,336
low ISO vs. low light

So first you talk about low ISO and then you switch the discussion to the other end without acknowledging your mix-up.

Yes, X10 is a low light champ, especially night photography with lots of spotlights in the frame...

Granted -- when there are no white discs, the noise is quite well-controlled in the X10 and it has a less obtrusive nature (more grain-like), but saying it's a low light champ is a bit of a hyperbole -- it's better than the S100 and the rest of the current compacts (so yes, a champ in the small sensor camera category) but still the detail and saturation destruction is quite big if you want to do ISO 1600 and above.

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