Question for new NEX-7 owners (legacy M lenses)

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Re: Question for new NEX-7 owners (legacy M lenses)

I just went through the exercise with the VC15 and NEX5N and NEX7.

Both produce a strong magenta cast but this is easily fixed in cornerfix. The very soft corners with the NEX7 and not so bad NEX5N cannot be fixed.

I personally will not use the NEX7 with the VC 15 because I print very large - from 24x36" upwards. I get better prints with the M8 and the VC15 despite the 24mp advantage.

I just read the later posts and found it very interesting that there seems to be a significant difference between the old VC15 (LTM) and the M version. This is bad news for me because then I will have to spend money again and buy the LTM version.

Are there any more example files wide open? I would love to see some more examples.

cheers, Volker

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