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Just Stop, Indeed

Not to be argumentative , but I really don't understand your (and others') concerns about this subject. I'm just perpetually confused by the apparent worry that the next generation of whatever camera you use is going to be different.. it's as if whenever the next 7D is released that YOUR 7D will somehow morph into the new one against your will and OMG what are we gonna do; the sky is falling!?

OR, you are going to feel COMPELLED to buy the new one, just because yours is now therefore you fret. But your camera will keep working...just keep shooting!
I just don't understand the concern .

This actually is not really only about the OP, but many many on these forums who seem to believe that the release of a new version of a camera is fraught with incredible peril...or at least Earth-shattering import.
as you were.
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