Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Re: Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing


I don't understand why you'd want to measure the sharpness or IQ of any small-sensor camera at ISO1600. Neither the XS1 nor the FZ150 can produce decent image quality at such high ISOs. The noise and NR smearing completely wreck whatever sharpness might have been captured otherwise, and just looking at these lab results at such high ISOs is enough to make even those with 20/20 vision go blind. There's absolutely no merit or advantage to being a tiny bit less horrible at these uselessly high sensitivities.

If you seriously wish to make decent quality images with any of these tiny-sensor cameras you need to shoot as near to base ISO as possible. And when comparing this site's results with the XS1 against their results with other competing superzooms at ISO100 it's plain to see, that at best, the Fuji fails to earn its "premium" de$ignation... in terms of sharpness or on any other basis.

Having said that however, this is certainly not the first time XS1 samples on the web have fallen well short of what we've seen posted by members of this forum who own the camera. I think it's clear that Imaging-Resource simply failed to get the best from the XS1 in these studio shots. I presume they shoot all their tests pretty much "straight out of the box" and don't spend very much time trying to optimize their results. But of course this is exactly how many users will shoot also... and why so many of them will return their new cameras soon after purchase without ever really knowing how good or bad they are.

It seems to me that the XS1 is probably going to disappoint a lot of people, some of us sooner than later perhaps. But I still look to Paul and the others here who are honestly trying to get the best from it to prove me wrong. And if they can, I sure won't mind being wrong.


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