Asked to leave, for "looking" too professional?

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Re: private property and tripod rules

I am not sure if this was mentioned before, but if the LA music center is a private entity, and the grounds are not public property, the security guards can pretty much tell you anything they want, and can ask you to leave. I guess you got lucky and got your shot before they got you. Basically, if you show up without a permit (see ), they will give you a hard time. It is pretty much the same with the Lincoln Center here in NYC, you either be quick on your feet, or be prepared for some confrontation with the guards, keeping in mind that they are known for giving as much leeway to the rules as the TSA would: none at all, because their job is on the line.

If this is public property, everything changes, and you can photograph what and how you want (within certain rules the municipality can determine, see the infamous NYC tripod law some years ago, which got resolved to tripods are ok if you are only 2-3 people and not hindering others... in other words, you need a permit when you come with a big (film) crew, which is utterly normal here in NYC).

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