Storage solution using PDA

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Re: Storage solution using PDA

Rocky C. wrote:

I have a similar problem with my e740 and two cameras (C-3040 and
DSC-F505) using both SM and MS. As the e740 has host USB
capabilities, I even have the right cable, I had hoped to download
from my cameras to larger format SD, CF, or Microdrive through the
USB port while in the field. After numberous emails, Olympus, Sony,
Toshiba, and Microsoft have all told me that they don't and won't
write a device driver for either of the cameras for the Pocket PC
operating system and that I should find someone to write the driver
for me... Any driver programmers out there?

Another thought is that I remember seeing a CF to SM card adapter
that might work in my e740 but can't seem to find it now. Has
anyone seen such an adapter?



Try here:

mjoshi wrote:

Hi All,

I recently bought Toshiba e740 PDA. It can take CF and SD media
formats. I've Sony DSC F717 which takes 128 MB MS format. Is there
a way to use my PDA with 1 GB CF to store images directly from MS
without transfering it to computer. My PDA is having USB port for
keyboard, mouse / printer connection.



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