E-M5, or Leica D 14-150?

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Re: E-M5, or Leica D 14-150?

first thing first, you are asking two different item to compare, one is the lens and the other is body kit (EM 5), so you are now happy with your current camera E410 i think leica 14-150mm is not a bad idea, but i believe that e410 is vary old it was released in 2007 and it is about 5 years old and the technology has already increase vary significant.. IMHO buying EM 5 with kit lens is the best option you have. you have significant better noise at high iso, and you have IS in body that you don't have on E410, so you have more option to upgrade with better quality of lens either 4/3 or M4/3 lens not to mention other advance technology and also the size is quite the same as your E410

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