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on my sx230 -a touch of the record button after the chdk logo delivers me to record mode from play mode--then it is actually a combinatioon of the funcset/disp buttons that will display the alt mode --from there the menu button brings up the chdk menu--- ok--- one thing to note---when one downloads the chdk file and is told to extract the file in the root directory of the sd card-- they neglect to tell you to also remove the contents of the chdk folder that is extracted from the file and put the CONTENTS of the chdk FOLDER in the root directory also.------ Anyway im at the menu in alt mode now-- from here on any and all instructions of what to do are a nightmare-- I was only interested in chdk for this camera for the sole purpose of exposure bracketing-- this will be a wonderful tool someday if someone created a user guide that is actually understandable .

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