Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Re: Sharpening the pencil

Lordsegan wrote:

You really are stupid.

I'm not stupid.

I'm asking questions and asking for clarification. It's not an attack. If you're too... what's the word... stupid, to understand that. Go polish your lenses.

The OP is on a forum, participating in discussion. This is what discussion looks like. Nothing in my posts in this thread has been anything but civil and interested. I'm not here to praise anything I see and swallow it down with a smile the way you seem to be on your knees and willing to.

I'm not arguing she's wrong but you're too in-love to see that. I'm asking about the detail. What are yo so afraid of? (my guess is "Everything").

People like you are the reason the OP has the unfair reputation for being at the head of a mob. Behave like a grown-up. You'll lose a flame-war with me.

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