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Re: EOS 5 D mk 1

Faintandfuzzy wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Yes it's an absolute hilarious for a troll jumping into every 5D thread and bashing or undermining 5D/5D2 even he never own either 5D. It's at least suspicious why he cares so much on 5D series that he has no intention to ever own? hum. He doesn't own any cameras this forum dedicated to and wasting no time to jump in many threads in this forum to spread trolling. This guy should be banned. I know there is a lovely button named 'complain' and I just pressed LOL.

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When you've worked on 1/10 the 5D and 5D2 files that I have for large print output...then maybe I'll consider yoyur opinion. Right now, as it stands, every debate you've had with me you've lost as soon as I posted samples to prove you wrong. Your continued claiming otherwise doesn't change that.

Pathetic! Nobody actually know what you won, by your photos??? Are you OK as you seem self-enjoyed and intoxicated? We have not seen a single 5D/5D2 photo from you, and the fact you don't own 5D and 5D2 at this momen, and actually you never owned from your other posts we learned.

Many can hit the complaint button for you as well....so best not to go there.

On what ground? I own and experience right gears in this forum and I contribute in threads. What you doing int this thread and many other 5D related except trolling, bashing and undermining 5D/5D2 that you never own and experience (despite you claim as you have zero credibility). You make no contributions in any those threads you jumped in but only spread poisoning and trolling. That's fact. If rest of us all hit the Complain button, you will be banned as it probably happened to one of your buddy in 7D forum weeks ago.

Hey, does your boss know you spend all day here trolling threads?

Is this a threat?

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