E-M5, or Leica D 14-150?

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Re: Go for the lens now. It's not wasted on micro 4/3 if you change bodies later.

SterlingBjorndahl wrote:

If you like convenience, this is one fine lens. I've heard it called a "bagful of primes". My copy, at least, is completely reliable at all apertures and focal lengths, and has amazing corner sharpness for a lens this versatile. If you don't like changing lenses when you wander about, this is the one to go for.

I also use it on micro 4/3 via an adapter, on the Panasonic GH2. It delivers better quality than the native micro 4/3 superzooms, though the focus is not as snappy of course. I expect it will focus just fine on the EM5. It wouldn't be as good for video as the Panny 14-140, but that's not mostly what I shoot.

And if you don't like/need it later, I'm pretty sure it'll have a good resale value.

Bodies come and bodies go, but good glass lasts forever.



I've had the same experience on three bodies - Oly E-30 4/3, and m4/3 GH1, then GH2. The 14-140 (now sold) is very good, but with the larger prints I make the edges and corners clearly separate them. Also clearly better wide open peripherally, at 14mm/3.5, than the very good Panny 14-45 at it's f/5.6 sweet spot. And compared to superb P-L 25/1.4 (m4/3) at the same 25mm/4.0 - indistinguishable.

To show how good the top end is, check out the album of shots at 300mm true with the EC-20, which is a severe "stress test" indeed that will bring out flaws in lesser lenses. Slow for sure, at f/11.2, but impressively sharp with flat field. The GH1 doesn't recognize the TC in EXIF, so double aperture and FL. All shots handheld by ol' Pete, now 72. So the OIS must be very, very good.


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