Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Re: Moon Maid's sensor comparison

I see now that the D4 is about 0.5-1 stop better than the D3s in the shadows at iso 200. This seems logical given Nikon's statement that they would take a more balanced approach and given that they have lowered base iso to 100. So if the numbers will hold up, the D4 seems to embody a slight improvement over the D3s after all.

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These estimates suggest that the D800's low light-performance lies between those of the D3 and the D3s, and that it is about 0,5 to 1 stop behind the D3s' (shadows at iso 6400). This is what one would expect if the D800 is more or less a D7000 sensor writ large. What is more surprising is that the D4 is practically identical to the D3s indicating no low light improvement whatsoever. Or perhaps not so surprising, given that Nikon has stated that it will take a more balanced approach towards noise reduction. But then this should perhaps show up in the performance at the low iso end? Perhaps the investigation underestimates the D4's performance in this regard? It would also be interesting to know some more about the method and the data used.

Here's why D4 so close to D3s, they are already very close to the ideal sensor:
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