panasonic has to step up with the gh3 soon

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Re: I agree -- I expect an early announcement but...

For remotely triggering flashes I use flashwave iii and it works great on the GH2. If you want a higher end one, then you can get the pocketwizard. I realize that it is extra cost, but it will solve your "remote flash system" issue.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

For still shooters looking for a high end dSLR alternative, the issues are stark: low shooting speed / small buffer, no remote flash system and controls swiped off the relatively cheap G1. Clearly you are as disinterested in these things as I am in your higher bit rate video (I don't even know what that means, nor do I care :-))

1) Shooting speed - it's not the shooting speed that's the problem, it's the time it takes to clear the buffer, which seems to be unaffected by the speed of the SD card (i.e. it's all in-camera processing time). I would expect this to be greatly improved by the time that a GH3 rolls out ..

2) Small buffer - I think this is only a problem because of #1. The buffer size is close to 10 RAW files .. that's pretty good.

3) No remote flash system - Yeah, this is a big one. While their cameras work fine with their re-badged Oly flashes, Panasonic has never invested any real effort into making their cameras work with flash systems. The "strobist" movement doesn't even look at the Pany cameras ..

4) Controls - I'll agree to disagree with you on this one. I don't mind the controls as-is.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the missing "focus peaking" feature.
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