Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Production unit not required

geronimo wrote:

I didn't make comments on sensors - I made comments on your use of non-production cameras using non-production firmware.

If none of that mattered, then you wouldn't feel the need to continue your experiments, as you mention below, using production cameras.

It doesn't matter whether it's a production unit - you've drawn an incorrect conclusion. It only matters that I will have it in my hands, to perform tests with, and take controlled test images at ISO settings where I do not yet have direct data. A pre-production unit would be just as suitable, but alas, I have no access to one. Do you know where they are being sold now?

Well it's such a shame to hear you cannot spend 1 second to paste a link to your supporting one or two sample images from non-production cameras that you used to create Estimation Charts.

Dealing with you is like dealing with a spoiled child. The real shame is that you continue to reply with insults, and cannot be bothered to do simple things for yourself. Keywords "D800 sample NEF" immediately turned up this:

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