Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Re: Sharpening the pencil

Marianne Oelund wrote:

MrSkelter wrote:

I'd like to see numbers, or graphs at a much greater scale. Everything is so clustered that, even if she has no agenda, the graphs make similar performance hard to separate clearly.

This presentation was chosen to make differences which are difficult to see in images, also difficult to see on the graphs. Yes, they're clustered, but in the same manner as the image quality from the cameras.

That seems like an odd choice. Normally analysis is supposed to make hard to discern differences easier to see.

I am planning on providing numbers, but only from production samples.

Great. That's good to know.

I'd also like to see the data-points plotted as curves. If that's not accurate points would be better. Straight-lines, as we have here, are meaningless and the crossover points are deceptive. Sensor performance doesn't 'tip' at arbitrary ISO/EV values.

It only makes sense to sharpen the pencil to a certain point. What's the value in knowing the intersect abscissa to better than 0.2EV uncertainty?

I'd counter that if it's not relevant then why link the points in a way that adds confusion and visual noise, instead of lessens it? As far as I can see curves would be most accurate, points would be correct if spartan. I'm just curious as to the choice - I don't see the benefit.

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