V1 buyers remorse - is this right the camera for me?

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Re: V1 buyers remorse - is this right the camera for me?

I have been using a D300 for numerous years with the 70mm-300mm VRII my longest lens. I have lately considered moving to Canon because they offer some smaller, lighter tele lenses with VR and I am moving fairly close to Bosque del Apache (birds). However, I am otherwise very happy with my Nikon gear.

I have very recently found the postings of photos in this forum taken with a V1 with longer lenses, e.g., the Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 with and without the TC 1.4. I am impressed. (I would use the 300mm f/4 with and without the TC 1.4 unless someone can give me a reason it won't work for outdoor shots in bright light.) Another question, please: Will this combination autofocus?

(Math question: what is the 35mm equivalent of the 300mm lens on the V1 with and without the TC 1.4?)

When shooting birds/wildlife I would use a DX body (perhaps the D300 forever) and a V1 body, take two or three DX/FX lenses, a TC 1.4, and a good, light tripod. I think that this combination would be something I can carry. (I'm 65 and at this point the gear gets heavier every year.) Otherwise, I would take the D300 and/or the V1, the latter with its own lenses when taking most trips by plane.

Those who have experience with the V1 especially--please advise.

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