Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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geronimo wrote:

I didn't ask about a vast array of data, I asked about your vast array of sample images. So, you only used a few images to extract your vast array of data. I'm assuming these were from non-production cameras, using non-production firmware?

This is about the sensors, not processing controlled by the firmware. Are you suggesting that the production sensors will be different?

I don't know what other threads you may have posted images in, and I won't be spending time researching you or any myriad of other posts you may have made prior to this one, but it is in this thread that you are making scientific claims, and as such, it should be in this thread that you also post links to the data and data sources that you are using in asserting this thread's claims.

Enough time has been spent on this already. It's offered as a "heads up" for those who are interested in such things, and will soon be replaced with data from production cameras. Toward that end, my effort will not be wasted, since it's simply a matter of inserting new measurements into an existing spreadsheet.

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