Moon Maid's sensor comparison

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Ilkka Nissilä Veteran Member • Posts: 4,107
Re: Anything under -3EV is pretty dark

For a normal workflow contrast curve (a.k.a. tonal mapping) is pretty fixed.

Maybe that is the case under controlled (studio) light; I always adjust the curve individually for each image when photographing people especially in documentary/candid style; this is a vital part of my workflow.

Though I rarely use local tone mapping except for landscape. If you shoot into the sun, even behind clouds, during sunset, and have foreground details that you want to bring in then the shadows in the RAW image do get shown into the light and their SNR is vital to the appearance of the image (if made from a single shot). I prefer the single shot technique when possible because I often have water in the image and imperfect matching occurs if the image content changes between exposures.

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